Whether it's golf, tennis or weight training, a winning attitude and sound mind are an essential part of maintaining peak performance and in order to achieve one's goals. Hypnotherapy can assist you in installing better patterns of positive thinking so that blocks and obstacles to success are swept away. With some individuals, negative thinking patterns from the past that have nothing overtly to do with sport can inhibit and get in the way of peak performance.


  • Developing your sporting mindset  - developing psychological flexibility and mental toughness.
  • Building the ability to be in "the zone" where brilliance and wizardry happens.
  • Developing the psychological abilities to create and maintain the mental toughness for peak sporting performance
  • Learning and using self-hypnosis techniques

Fee: £75 for first fifty minute appointment; all subsequent fifty minute appointments £65.

Location: Southwark (Waterloo) and Covent Garden