Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is both physically uncomfortable and embarrassing. It is a condition that can lead to avoidance behaviours, such as a reluctance to go out socially or apprehension at the thought of travelling. I only accept clients who have received a prior diagnosis of IBS from their GP as there are a number of serious conditions that appear with the same symptoms as IBS which must be ruled out beforehand.

IBS can be sub-categorised as follows

  • IBS-C - Constipation form of IBS
  • IBS-D - Diarrhoea form of IBS
  • IBS-A - IBS which Alternates between constipation and diarrhoea

All 3 categories of IBS respond well to Hypnotherapy. However, there are other options that can be successful such as anti-spasmodics and increased consumption of soluble fibres (such as oats). Probiotics also appear to benefit IBS sufferes, though users report decrease in symptoms rather than cure.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy Treatment Plan for IBS

  1. Case History, Psychoeducation and Hypnosis Familiarisation
  2. Hypnotherapy for Symptoms of Digestive Unease and Relaxation
  3. Hypnotherapy for Digestive Unease and Stress Triggers - Part 1
  4. Hypnotherapy for Digestive Unease and Stress Triggers - Part 2
  5. Guided Mindfulness for IBS
  6. Hypnotherapy for Ego Strengthening

Fee: £75 for first fifty minute appointment; all subsequent fifty minute appointments £65.

Location: Southwark (Waterloo) and Covent Garden