Hypnotherapy for Confidence is the antidote to anxiety about the self (low self-worth) as well as anxiety about specific situations that people fear encountering in the World. Some degree of questioning one's capabilities and self-worth is necessary for us to improve ourselves and learn from past mistakes. Likewise, a degree of general anxiety about situations we know we might encounter is useful in order for us to be sensible about our choices. However, when low self-worth and/or anxiety about situations is heightened to such a degree that it stops us from doing what we want to do, and hinders us from being the best version of ourselves in life, then it is worth taking action to rectify the situation. Hypnotherapy for Confidence aims to build people's assertiveness and faith their abilities, so they come away with a steely and unshakeable sense of self-belief. It also enhances self-trust and resilience so that people come away knowing they can face previously anxiety-provoking situations with poise, courage and mettle.



  • Social situations are avoided or else endured with intense anxiety or distress
  • Difficulty maintaining conversations 
  • Difficulty speaking to authority figures, groups or attending parties
  • Fear of being scrutinised by others
  • Fear of acting in a way that will be humiliating or embarassing
  • Palpitations when thinking about or in certain situations
  • Accelerated heart rate, trembling, sweating or shaking when thinking about or when in certain situations
  • Familiarity with one or more of the negative thoughts "I am going to get this wrong", "I'm going to fail" and "I'm not good enough" in life generally - or specifically in either professional, social or sporting situations

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Treatment Plan for Confidence

  1. Goal Setting and Hypnotherapy Familiarisation
  2. Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and/or Low Self-Esteem
  3. Anchoring Confident States, NLP techniques for Confidence 
  4. Hypnotherapy for Confidence and Ego-Strengthening
  5. Cognitive Rehearsal and Hypnotherapy for Maintainence of Confident States

Single Treatment £95, Block of 5 £75 each.

Appointments and Further information
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